Wigs for Women & Hair Enhancements for Men

Wig Services

Men’s Hair Enhancements Cleaned $10.00
Woman’s Wig Cleaned $15.00
Woman’s Wig Cleaned and Steamed $25.00
Human Hair Wig Cleaned and Set $35.00
Wig cutting services are available for wigs purchased through Cammuso’s Salon Spa Wigs ONLY.

You’ll find no more caring, experienced, and understanding staff to help with your wig and wig care needs than at Cammuso’s.  From synthetic wigs and human hair wigs to wig fitting and wig cleaning, you’ll find what you need here.

Our private wig room displays both wigs for women and hair enhancements for men, all from some of the finest wig crafters in the world.

Make Your Appointment Today

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cammuso’s today for more information and to make your appointment. Wigs are by appointment only, although same day appointments are often possible. We simply wish to assure that a qualified stylist is available to work with you.