Cammuso’s Salon Extends to Healthcare and Senior Living

Cammuso’s Salon extends it’s commitment to well being through providing services at on-site salons in several healthcare &  retirement communities throughout the area.  Cammuso’s Salon meets all Pa State requirements and works with each facility to provide and meet the needs of their residents. Our licensed professionals also have a desire and dedication to serve this well respected clientele.

Information of Interest to Facility Owners

Enhanced Quality of Care

It is well known that a person’s appearance has a great deal to do with their sense of well being.  Part of this is hair and nail grooming.  At Cammuso’s, we appreciate how good grooming can enhance the quality of care provided by your facility.

Our staff of experienced professionals can help you care for your residents at the quality of service you demand and which they deserve.

Increased Revenues

Our research has found that many facilities providing Beauty/Barber Shop services today do so through an independent contractor.  However, many of these services are being provided by individuals on a part time basis.

At Cammuso’s, Beauty/Barber Shop services are our full time business.  Because of our dedicated services, our commission rates for your facility, and the increased satisfaction of the residents using Cammuso’s service, you may be able to increase your Beauty/Barber Shop revenues by 25% or more.

Lower Cost and Liability

Since Beauty/Barber Shop Services are Cammuso’s full-time business, we can help you lower costs as follows:

  • Improve quality of care, productivity and increase profits.
  • Our salon license allows your facility to operate its salon legally under the PA State Cosmetology Laws.
  • Vacations, sick day, holidays and turnover are all expertly handled by Cammuso’s.  You don’t have to worry about scheduling the beautician/barber.
  • Cammuso’s can easily reassign staff to meet the needs and satisfaction of you and your residents.  You don’t lose time and money recruiting.
  • Fully insured for professional and general liability.
  • All of the above means continuity of service and the benefits of dealing with a professional, licensed, family owned salon in our third generation of experience.

Learn more about Cammuso’s on our About Us page.