Treat Yourself to the Classic Luxury of Cammuso’s

You’ve told us Cammuso’s offers the best in Pittsburgh area salon and spa services. What can we do to say “Thank You”? Offer even more luxury at an affordable price! We’ve developed a selection of popular day spa packages, including the perfect wedding packages so many of you have asked for.

Signature Facials Series


Purchase 3 Signature Facials get the 4th one free. Savings $70.00 (Expires 18 months from purchase date)

Basic Pedicures Series


Purchase 5 Basic Pedicures get the 6th one free. Savings: $40.00 (Expires 1 year from purchase date)

Basic Manicure Series


Purchase 5 basic manicures get the 6th one free. Savings of $20.00 (Expires 1 year from purchase date)

Shellac Manicure Series


Purchase 6 Shellac Manicures get the 7th one free. Savings: $30.00 (Expires 1 year from purchase date)

Shellac Mani Pedi Series


Includes: 4 Shellac Manicures & 2 Shellac Pedicures

Note: Series Packages are Non-Transferrable.

Salon Packages

Your life is filled with special events: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Mother's Day, Weddings, and more. Don't let a single one go by without feeling and looking your best.

With our Spa Packages, we've combined some of your favorite spa services into luxurious combinations, including the manicure, pedicure, facial, that Cammuso's does so well.

Visit our Salon Packages page for details and prices.